Ministries Overview 

Life and Fruit Ministries 

We serve the body on praise, operations, and flow of our Sunday worship services as well as other worship gatherings throughout the year.

POC: Jane Lim 

We welcome all who come out for service with smiles and love from above.

Community Groups
POC: Joshua Kang 

We meet on a weekly basis to eat together, grow to be like Christ, and to share our lives with one another.


POC: Cathy Lee & Kristen Drinkwater 

We serve the body by organizing opportunities to reach out to our local communities and going on global missions trips. 

POC: Elijah Kim

We handle the budget and financial portion of LF—partnering with the financial department of KCD.

Education Ministries 

We team up with parents and our church to educate and equip our students to be followers of Christ.

Seedling (PreK & Kinder) 

POC: Haejung Shin  

Sprouts (1st-5th) 

POC: David Ro 

KCD Youth (6th-12th) 

Korean Ministries 

POC: Shinik Son

KM consists of five pillars: 

These all point to the mission of Christ. 

For additional information on the KM, please visit

Lifecare Services 


A professional, faith-based counseling service that is affordable to the DFW community. For more information, please visit the website