Embracing God's Love and Hope in Egypt

Written by Jaehee Hwang 

Life and Fruit Member 

Hello! My name is Jaehee, and I’ve been part of Life & Fruit since 2015. In 2019, I had the opportunity to go on a Cairo Missions Trip where Missionaries T and J faithfully serve. It was an incredible period where I got to experience the power of the Holy Spirit through our ministries and the love of God towards His people in Egypt.

Our team got to work with many refugee families and children from Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen, and other places. Most of them came from war-torn countries and had to flee for safety. We partnered with different organizations and churches to share the love of Christ through various activities such as story time, dental services, women’s ministry, and educational classes: English, Math, Craft. We particularly worked closely with a Sudanese church. I learned that Sudan is currently in the history of changing the country’s political atmosphere. Many of them flee the country due to safety issues and job opportunities. But even amid all the chaos and injustice, the Sudanese people are full of joy and hope - the way they still love one another, their country, and the people.

We also had the opportunity to learn a bit about the history of the land. Did you know that Egypt used to be a Christian nation? It is said that Saint Mark evangelized in this region. Today, there are about 10% of Christians in Egypt, mainly Coptic Christians. Amid the “Garbage City,” you will find the Cave Church, where many Coptic Christians gather to worship.

Going into the mission trip, I had to battle with the thought of what we could do in two weeks to change the hearts of the people in this nation. Are short-term missions even necessary? But God changed my heart and perspective through this opportunity. 

Instead of focusing on what I can do, He taught me to focus on Him 

so that I could have open eyes, ears, and heart for the people in this nation. 

Missionary T said, “Missions is to understand the heart of God for the nation.” If my inner being does not know His loving heart towards the people, if I am not moved from my inmost, my heart won’t break for the things that break God’s heart.

My personal prayer since the trip has been to daily walk with God in intimacy and intentionality to know His heart for my neighbors and the nations. Please join me and pray for the people and refugees in Egypt, for each one to encounter Christ and the HOPE that can be found in Him.

Thank you - SHOKRAN!